Whitman School of Management

Eligibility Criteria
All Whitman School of Management students must meet with their academic advisor to discuss their interest. To be eligible to begin the enrollment process for SSUI you must satisfy one component of ether of the categories listed below.

Class Standing: No requirement
GPA Range: No GPA requirement – will be considered as part of the interview/application process
Other Criteria: One or more of the following:
– Academic probation student
– Previously academically suspended
– Significant problem with sequencing issues in required courses
– Not meeting credit requirements of their class level (30 for sophomore, 60 for junior, or 90 for senior)
– Student with 9 credits or fewer to complete all degree requirements
Exceptions: Exceptions to the criteria will only be considered on an individual basis at the discretion of the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs. Participation is not guaranteed to students when they meet the criteria. A personal interview will be required to ensure that students are aware of and willing to comply with program requirements.

School of Management contacts: (Students are required to meet with advisors in their school/college.)

All advisors are located in 215 School of Management or by phone at (315) 443-2361.

Lindsay Quilty
Assistant Dean