David B. Falk College of Sport & Human Dynamics

SSUI Eligibility Criteria
A Falk College student must express interest in enrolling in SSUI by first meeting with their academic advisor to discuss and obtain approval for summer courses. Each student who is pursuing an interest in enrolling in SSUI must also meet the following criteria and follow the described process for approval:

Class Standing: First-year, Sophomore or Junior
GPA Range: Variable (but usually under a 3.0)
Approval Process: Students interested in enrolling in SSUI should meet first with their academic advisor (discussing this possibility of attending SSUI during registration advising for fall classes is a good time to have this conversation) to identify academic need (based on the criteria below) and the courses they need to take. Students who have never attended SSUI will be given priority. Student applications (along with academic advisor recommendations for courses) will be reviewed by the Falk College Office of Student Services after the SSUI application deadline and approvals will be submitted to the SSUI office.

Academic Need Criteria:
  • Off track in major requirements for a single major (especially prerequisites needed to take future courses).
  • Off track for regular (not early) graduation, due to change in major, GPA less than 2.0 (including the need to flag required courses for a passing grade), and/or readmission after suspension.
  • On academic probation.
  • Documented learning, health, and/or mental health challenges that compromised academic progress.


All students who meet the criteria may not be accepted due to space limitations.