Frequently Asked Questions


1. May I attend both sessions?

We strongly discourage students from participating in both six-week sessions. Experience suggests you will need a break sometime during the summer from studying if you expect to come back refreshed and ready for the fall semester. Also, there is the added financial burden, as your loan and any grant you may be eligible for will primarily cover one summer session.

2. Will I be guaranteed a place in the courses I want to take this summer?

Although the probability is high that you will be able to register for your first choice courses, enrollment in SSUI does not guarantee this will happen. SSUI cannot control the enrollment of any course. Furthermore, there are some courses that may be your first choice but they might not be the most appropriate in an intensive six-week format. It is best to make your selections after discussion with your school/college representative. If you wish to hold a place in a course, register early. You can always drop the course before classes begin, should you be advised not to take the course or you change your mind.

3. How many credits may I take? Are there any specific requirements for course selection if I receive financial aid?

Because the summer session is condensed to a six-week period, it is more intensive than an academic year semester. We recommend that you consider a courseload of 6 to 8 credits (two courses). To be considered for any financial aid you must register for at least 6 credits. You may not remove an incomplete as part of those 6 credits and receive financial aid. Your final registration should reflect discussions between you and your home school/college advisor.

4. Is registration different for SSUI students?

Yes. In an effort to improve the registration process for SSUI students we have changed the registration and course approval process. We encourage you to register early for your courses; however, SSUI students must apply for admission and be accepted for participation in SSUI before they will receive the reduced fee and any available grant money. Because SSUI has a significantly reduced fee, your course selection must be confirmed by the SSUI office to guarantee the reduced fee. Briefly the procedure for admission and registration for SSUI students is:

  1. Register for classes online as soon as you are eligible to register. Registration begins in late March.
  2. Complete the application for admission and submit to SSUI by application deadline.
  3. Meet with your school or college representative to discuss appropriate summer courses.
  4. SSUI will code you for appropriate charges and billing. You will not be coded until SSUI receives your approved Authorization Form and you are registered for school/college accepted courses.

Any course change, addition, drop, or withdrawal must be processed through the SSUI office. Failure to do so may result in incorrect bursar charges, incomplete course drop/withdrawal, or removal from the program.

5. If I decide NOT to participate in SSUI, what do I do?

You must notify the SSUI office in writing of your decision to withdraw from the program. You are responsible for dropping all courses for which you have registered.


1. Is there storage for my belongings before Summer Session I begins?

No, storage is not available through SU; you may contact local venders to arrange for storage at your own cost.

2. What residence hall will SSUI students live in this summer?

The residence hall for summer 2017 has not yet been determined.

3. Do I have to live in the residence hall?

The residence hall is an integral part of the learning community SSUI provides. However, for some participants whose individual circumstances make living on campus unrealistic or unproductive to their academic goals, we offer a commuter option. The commuter option allows students to choose their own housing. Some examples for granting this option include:

-necessary to support and care for dependent children

-living at home with parent or guardian

-health, religious, or other concerns

You must have at least junior standing and discuss your situation with the Executive Director of Summer@Syracuse at least one month prior to arrival for your session to qualify for this option. Please note that if this option is granted, you must still participate in all other aspects of the program, many of which will be held in the residence hall.

If you have already signed a lease, you must provide documentation of your residence.  All lease/rental agreements must have been signed six months prior to the beginning of Summer Session I. Documentation must be provided at least two weeks prior to start of session.

4. Will I be able to choose a roommate?

YES. This may be possible. If you know someone who is also participating in SSUI and you would like to share a room with that person, send this request in an e-mail to Both you and your prospective roommate must agree to reside together. Single options are available at an additional cost. We will accommodate requests on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are not guaranteed single-room accommodations.